River Hills Real Estate

Population, 2021 estimate: 1579
Municipality Type: Village

River Hills Real Estate
River Hills, Wisconsin

River Hills real estate, while usually quite grand, is somewhat diverse. There are some properties in River Hilss that were developed over 100 years ago as well as new construction. Much of the real estate is dedicated to executive homes. Most homes in River Hills will be priced anywhere from around $500,000 to up in the millions of dollars. The area exclusively has single family homes, with the exception of a guest house here and there!

River Hills is an amazing community of prestigious real estate. Most of the homes offer complete privacy and most of them are on five acre lots. River Hills, WI really offers a country setting in the city. As you could imagine, nature is abundant here. The Village of River Hills is sandwiched between Bayside, Mequon, Glendale and Brown Deer.

Downtown Milwaukee is just a short drive from River Hills, WI. It is only about 10 minutes. The Village is exclusively residential an has no commercial districts. The neighboring communities provide close by commercial centers.


River Hills Real Estate For Sale - Single Family Homes

Price Range
Under $700,000
Price Range
Over $700,000

For more information, try visiting the Village of River Hills Web Site.

River Hills/Nicolet School Student Test Information

Student Performance on State Tests
Parkway Elementary
Elementary School
Glendale-river Hills
Maple Dale Elementary
Elementary School
Maple Dale-indian Hill
Glen Hills Middle
Combined Elementary/Secondary School
Glendale-river Hills
Nicolet High
High School
Nicolet Uhs

For more information on schools in River Hills, WI, try the district's Web site.


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